What happens after my invisible aligner treatment is completed?

Greg D Updated by Greg D

We strongly recommend you safeguard your new smile with our custom-fit SmileLife invisible retainers. Without retainers, teeth have a tendency to shift back to their original position. Keep them from relapsing with our custom-fit retainers.

One retainer costs €120 and 2 retainers cost €240 and they are available to purchase toward the end of your treatment.

Alternatively, we have SmileCare which is an annual subscription service for just €197 and this offers so much more value including:

  • Top Aftercare Retainer 
  • Bottom Aftercare Retainer 
  • Replacement Security 
  • Remote Dental support/advice 
  • Teeth Whitening Kit or Top Up every 6 months.  
  • €50 SmileLife In-Store Coupon 

The total value for this adds up to €790 but as I said, we offer everything together for just €197.

Call our customer care team at 015133347 or email us at support@smilelife.com about 4–5 weeks before you finish your treatment plan to place your order.

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