In treatment - my teeth are loose.

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Don't panic! In all Invisible Aligner company treatments some teeth looseness is normal, because your teeth are moving into their new positions after all. However, there may sometimes be 1 or 2 patients who experience their teeth becoming exceptionally loose during their treatment. This is nothing to worry about and it can be easily corrected from home.

Lets start with some questions to find out why this is happening:

  1. Do you have poor gum health? - If you did not disclose this in your medical form before you began your treatment, then your aligners are aggravating both your gums and teeth, causing them to become weakened and loose. For medical reasons, we never prescribe treatment to patients who have poor gum health.
  2. Are you changing your aligners earlier than the prescribed 14 days? - If you are, STOP! Invisible Aligner treatment is medically designed to gently and gradually push your teeth into their new positions over a 14 day period. If you change too early then your aligners are applying too much force, causing your teeth to become loose!

Now let's cover solutions:

  1. Contact us at or 01 513 3347 if calling from Ireland or +44 330 808 0518 if calling from the U.K.
  2. Complete our aligner review form for the dentist assigned to your case to review your treatment.
  3. Send us photos of your teeth and aligners, and describe the issue in specific detail to the best of your ability.

These 3 steps will help us to understand exactly why your teeth are becoming loose and how to best tackle the issue!

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