What are the tools in my aligners kit?

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As part of your treatment, we include specific tools within your Invisible Aligners kit, with each serving a different and important purpose.

These tools include:

  • A clear, plastic Smile Stretcher.
  • A container of wax.
  • I.P.R. tools.
  • A selfie light.
  • An aligner removal tool.
  • Aligner chewies.

So, what do each of these tools do?

  1. Smile Stretcher:

A see-through, plastic circle with 2 ends that stick out of the bottom.

This is designed to hold your lips back in conjunction with your selfie light (listed below). By doing this, the photos you take for our dentists allow them to clearly see all of your teeth, how they're progressing, and any adjustments that may need to be made to your treatment.

  1. Wax:

This is designed for a situation where you just can't seem to get your aligners on, no matter how hard you try. To use the wax, apply warm water to it and rub it on your teeth followed by your aligners.

  1. I.P.R. Tools:

Small, metal tools designed to painlessly remove plaque and calculum build-up in order to create space for movement. Simply rest the tool between the top of 2 teeth, now push the saw up and down and back and forth in a flossing motion.

The focus is on the top of the teeth where they meet, rather than the bottom of the teeth.

  1. Selfie Light:

A white circle designed for check-in photos so that our dentists can see how your treatment is progressing.

Simply connect one end of the wire to your phone, and the other end to the light. Next, clip the light onto the top of your phone and start taking the dental photos that have been requested.

  1. Aligner Removal Tool:

A small, key-like object with a hook at the end.

Place your finger within the circle and while wearing your aligners, attach the hook to top (or bottom) of the aligner and gently but forcefully pull the aligner in order to remove it.

  1. Aligner Chewies:

2 cylindrical, squishy objects.

If your aligners are feeling loose, take the 2 chewies, place them between your upper and lower teeth at both sides, and bite! The fit of your aligners should immediately tighten.

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