How do I register my Smile? (Scan my Impression Kit QR Code)

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Registering your Impression Kit is SUPER easy and makes your SmileLife journey so much smoother!

It's important you register your Impression Kit, so the Smile Lab knows who's Smile is who's!

So how do I do it?

1. Download your SmileApp here ⬅️

2. Click "Scan QR code" on the homepage of your SmileLife App.

(You can also manually input your unique code by pressing the white button "manual input")

3. Once you've scanned your QR code, you're successfully registered your smile! 😀

4. Return your Impression Kit to us by clicking here.

5. You will receive an email & sms once you impression kit has landed in the Smile Lab.

That's it! You're now on your way towards your new smile.

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