What if my aligners are loose?

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Sometimes when your teeth are making great progress your aligners can become a little loose and this is completely normal.

Firstly, don't panic because we have a team always here to advise and help you, but from this article you should get a great sense of the next steps.

Next, note that we would never advise you to skip a few days and jump to your next aligner before the 14 day mark unless the current aligners are literally falling out of your mouth.

How do I know if my aligners are loose?

Let us share with you the requirements that would need to be met in order for your aligners to really be loose, indicating you're ready to change to your next aligners.

1. You are wearing your aligners for a minimum of 10 days.

2. You can not hear a 'click' sound when you put your aligners onto your teeth.

3. You can remove your aligners with your tongue.

If you meet all three conditions above, then moving to the next aligner would be a reasonable option at this point, but you MUST NOT do this before contacting us directly.

If you skip a few days to the next aligner too soon with the above 3 conditions, you will most likely cause a relapse in your treatment and result in delaying your progress and results. Hence, we ask you to get in touch with us if your aligners become loose a second time during your treatment so that we may fully investigate.

For more information, please contact our support team by calling 015133347 or emailing support@smilelife.com.

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