My aligners don't fit

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Your Clear Aligners have been intentionally designed not to fit the exact shape of your teeth as they are now. The result is that they can feel a little to get onto your teeth for the first time.


Ok so let's say we designed your Clear Aligners to fit your teeth exactly as they are now. 3 Things would happen:

  1. You wouldn't feel any pressure on any of your teeth.
  2. Your teeth would not move into alignment because of this lack of pressure.
  3. Your teeth would not straighten and you would be wearing aligners for no reason!

What about the right design we give you?

  1. Your teeth WILL feel pressure.
  2. Your teeth WILL straighten.
  3. You WILL have the smile we promised you.

We recommend biting down on your chewies to help your aligners click into place. Two chewies will be included with your toolkit.

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I have gaps between my aligners and teeth

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