My aligner is hurting, what should I do? Aligner trimming tutorial

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Oh no! That's not good at all and it may be down to your aligner(s) having been printed slightly too snuggly for that specific area of your mouth.

Not to worry though, the solution is simple and can be done from home!

Check out our video below.

Need more information? Follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Identify the area where the pain is coming from. To make this easier, while wearing your aligner place your finger in your mouth and hold it to the pain point.

2. With your finger stuck to that pain point, remove your aligner and see which part of your aligner your finger is stuck to when removed from your mouth.

3. See if there are any sharp or rough edges, and with your nail file (included in your ToolKit) gently file and smooth them down. Remove any dust from the filing by rubbing your finger over the area, and then running your aligner under cold water.

4. Put your aligner back in your mouth and see if the pain continues or if it has vanished.

If the pain is still there, contact our support team at Using the above steps, send pictures of the area of the aligner causing you pain.

To resolve the problem faster, use your phones picture editor to draw a circle around the pain point for our team.

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