My aligner is cracked/broken, what should I do?

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Firstly, we need to determine if your Clear Aligner is simply cracked or broken.

If broken, the aligner will have a large, visible separation between a specific area of the plastic material (or the aligner will be completely snapped in half which speaks for itself).

If cracked, the aligner will have a small, discreet line between the plastic.

What's the difference?

  • A broken aligner will retain tension in all necessary areas except the area that is broken, meaning the teeth affected by that area will not move.
  • A cracked aligner will retain tension throughout all areas, including the damaged area of the aligner.

What does this mean?

  • The broken aligner will negatively affect your results, period.
  • The cracked aligner will be unaffected and will continue to apply the required pressure to the targeted teeth.

What should I do?

For the best understanding of what to do if your Invisible Aligner has been damaged, call our team on 015133347 or email

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