If I need a bridge on one set of my teeth, can I receive treatment on the opposite set?

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Yes! Your Clear Aligners are custom made to fit your teeth closely without being noticed, this means that there is no excess material that could interfere with a bridge on the opposite side of your teeth.

A bridge is a fantastic dental appliance that is designed with 2 or more false teeth and to discreetly cement them into place. A bridges benefits include:

  • Partial smile restoration.
  • Improved ability to speak and chew.
  • Maintain the shape of your face.
  • Improve the force of your bite.

SmileLife can work with bridges, and together your smile can be completely restored and put into correct alignment.

Consult with your dentist beforehand in order to receive the all-clear.

after you receive approval from your dentist contact us at support@smilelife.com

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