How do I remove my aligners?

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To remove your Clear Aligners we'll include a special aligner removal tool in your kit. The tool looks like a key in shape, with a circle at the top and small hook at the bottom.

To use it, simply put your finger through the circle and attach the hook to the top/bottom of your aligner towards the back and slowly pull.

Do this for both sides and the aligner should pop off nice and easy!

Alternatively, use your fingernails and start at the back of the aligner, followed by the middle and front, ensuring that each section is released before moving to the next.

If you have just put on your aligners and they're very tight and you can't remove them, then it's because you shouldn't be trying!

Your Clear Aligners are designed to apply pressure to your teeth and with continued use they will gradually begin to loosen. However, if you attempt to remove them immediately after wearing them you will find it very difficult to do so. When worn for the first time, your aligners need a minimum of 4 hours of continued use before loosening and becoming easily removable.

In light of the 4 hour rule, we always recommend that you first wear your aligners before going to bed.

If you still can't remove your Invisible Aligners, please contact our support team at 015133347 or email and we can walk you through the above and additional steps.

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