Can I drink tea/coffee with my aligner in?

Greg D Updated by Greg D

No! If you drink tea or coffee while wearing your Clear Aligners, 2 things will or may happen:

  1. The heat from your beverage will cause the plastic of your invisible Aligners to expand, loosening their fit and relieving pressure from your teeth - This means that your teeth will not be pushed into their new positions.
  2. The dark colours of your beverage will noticeably stain your Invisible Aligners, making your teeth appear yellow and stained.
  3. The heat from you beverage may burn and damage your aligners.

We recommend that you avoid any and all hot drinks and also cold, acidic drinks while wearing your aligners as you risk your results. Please also note that we prescribe you with 2 hours each day to eat and drink anything you like while your teeth are free from your aligners.

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