How do I choose between an Impression Kit or 3D Scan?

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A 3D scan is the quicker form of capturing the structure of your teeth, as it uses a high-power camera to digitally capture your teeth's position. The Impression Kit is more convenient if you don't have the time for a scan or can't travel to one of our clinics.

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Our clinic is located at:

122 Baggot Street Lower,

Dublin 2


D02 NC82

Keep your eyes peeled for more locations coming soon!

For the Impression Kit, all you need to do is order, complete the impressions and return it back to us using the free return label that we'll provide you with if you're in Ireland or by booking in with our free collection service if you're in the U.K. We always recommend that you avail of our FREE Impression Kit Video Consultation to ensure that you create the best impressions possible!

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Where can I buy an Impression Kit or book a 3D Scan?