What's the difference between my Aligners and Retainers?

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SmileLife Clear Aligners.

SmileLife Clear Aligners are designed to gradually and painlessly push your teeth into their next positions for your next aligner. This continuous movement and changing of aligners over 14 days is what brings your teeth to their final, straighter positions.

What are the technical design features of my Aligners?

In order to achieve such change, your SmileLife Clear Aligners are made of 0.5mm in thickness.

This minimal thickness creates enough room between your teeth and aligners to allow each tooth the freedom it needs to move in the right direction.

What about my SmileLife AfterCare Retainers?

While nearly identical in appearance, your Retainers and Aligners play totally different roles in your SmileLife treatment.

Your AfterCare Retainers are in it for the long-haul and so they need to be stronger. While your Aligners are changed in a short space of time over 14 days, your Retainers are worn for 2 months. After that time, your Retainers are only worn while you sleep.

The technical design features of your Retainers.

2 Months is a long time, but that's how long it takes for you gums and teeth to re-bond with one another after treatment, making your new smile a permanent one.

Compared to your Aligners 0.5mm thickness, your Retainers are 0.75mm in thickness.

This is completely intentional. At the end of your treatment, your new smile is in place so your teeth no longer need space between the plastic to move to their next position. In fact, your teeth need something to stop them moving entirely.

This is where your retainers come in. A 0.75mm thickness is perfect for stopping your teeth moving in any direction. For 2 months your teeth are held in place until they bond to your gums and your smile becomes permanent.

In short

Your SmileLife Clear Aligners and AfterCare Retainers are similar in appearance but not in design.

Your Aligners 0.5mm thickness allows your teeth the freedom they need to straighten.

Your Retainers 0.75mm thickness disallows movement entirely. They hold your smile in place.

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